About Me

Discover how easy and delicious cooking at home can be with how-to, step-by-step tutorials and photos of simple recipes by food blogger, Eliza Dougherty, of Cooking with Dough.

Getting to Know Me


Welcome to Cooking with Dough - started on a whim by my brother, who recognized my love of all things FOOD, and loved the play on words, as my last name is Dougherty!  Although I'm a mom to a toddler and a hairstylist, the idea behind this blog began when I realized I spend all my free time either cooking or searching out delicious dishes to enjoy.  But what I then discovered, is what brings me the most happiness is sharing it with friends and family... and now, you! 

My recipes are warm and full of love and are also sprinkled with healthy options.  My hope is that you learn a few things, share it with your friends and family and that you come back to travel down this road and on this journey with me.  So, please join me on my newest adventure, Cooking with Dough(erty) ;)